Digital Marketing

With strategic digital marketing campaigns, we can make your brand visible, bring your stories to life, grow your audience, and keep your customers engaged.

With our expertise in the social advertising space, we have helped some clients to increase website traffic by up to 385% over the space of just three months! Whether you’re a plumbing company, or an online retailers, we have seen it all and have produced fantastic results.

An often overlooked part of a brand’s digital presence, organic posting can play a big role when it comes to potential customers deciding between you and a competitor. With regular, engaging posts and stories, that showcase your brand, products, or services, we will keep your current followers informed and win over new ones.

Paid Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns allow us to be really specific about who we target, which is great when your products or services are niche or localised. Retargeting campaigns allow us to target users who have previously visited your website, motivating them to make a purchase, booking, or enquiry.

Social media giveaways and competitions are a great way to quickly boost engagement and followers, create buzz, increase word-of-mouth, and enhance brand sentiment. We can handle the entire process, or simply set it up.

Platforms like Mailchimp and Klaviyo allow you to interact directly with individual customers/clients; we can promote sales, make announcements, run competitions, welcome new customers, etc. all through email marketing straight to their inbox.

One of the largest online advertising platforms, Google AdWords, is a pay-per-click network, allowing you to target potential customers based on their keyword search. When someone searches something that we’ve loaded as one of your keywords, your ad will be displayed above the organic search results. 

When someone searching for something online, Google will attempt to display the most relevant, trusted and informative pages at the top of its organic search results. SEO is the process of making sure that you are one of the first of these search results. With set up services, and monthly management, we will make your brand visible.