Google Ad words

People get on Google to go, know, or do.

Google AdWords is a cost-effective method of immediately bringing relevant, engaged traffic to your website. To be successful and profitable, AdWord campaigns need to work alongside SEO – luckily, we do both!.


AdWords enables you to tailor your ads in accordance to your budget. Once you have spent that budget, your adverts will no longer be shown – you can change your budget as you go.

Global Reach

AdWords reaches the pretty much the majority of the world’s population. By creating a targeted campaign, you’ll be able to reach potential customers/clients almost anywhere you want to!

Engaged Audience

Google AdWords is a highly targeted and effective form of marketing. Web users entering selected keywords or search phrases already have specific search enquiry or purchase intent.

Our Google AdWords process:

  1. Research
    By analysing your current AdWord performance (if you are or have previously run them), as well as competitors, and industry standards, in order to develop effective ads tailored to your brand. 
  2. Set Up
    We’ll set up an account for you if you don’t already have one, and help you to decide on an appropriate and effective budget for your industry.
  3. AdWord Campaign Creation
    Using targeted pay-per-click ads, we can help your brand to achieve top placements among search results, which will result in website visits, enquires, conversions, and sales very quickly.
  4. Remarketing Campaign Creation
    A highly effective strategy, remarketing enables you to advertise to previous website visitors. As they continue to browse the web, your ads will appear, ensuring you stay front-of-mind. You will only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad, making it a great, cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and return visitors.
  5. Analysis and Reporting 
    AdWords provide great activity results and insight into your audience’s behaviour. We will keep you updated with reports and suggestions for further campaign optimisation, which can help to inform your other digital marketing campaigns.