In order to create a successful and profitable Google AdWords campaign your websites’ SEO has to be undertaken as well. Why? Because AdWords and SEO work together. Luckily our Tauranga AdWords specialists do both!

Here is how we can help you with your Google Adwords:

1. Set Up and setting  your Google AdWords campaign budget
AdWords enables you to tailor your ads in accordance to your budget. Once you have spent that budget, your adverts will no longer be shown – you can change your budget as you go.

2. Results
Using paid products like Google AdWords is exciting, as the results are instant! Using PPC (pay per click) ads, you can achieve top placements very quickly or almost immediately. What’s more, you will get enquiries, conversions or sales.

3. Analysis
AdWords provides great activity results and we update you as they happen.

4. Be seen all over the world!
AdWords reaches the pretty much the  majority of the world’s population. And by creating  a targeted Google AdWords campaign, it enables you to reach potential customers/clients almost anywhere you want to!

5. Target who you want.
Google AdWords is a highly targeted and effective form of marketing. Web users entering selected keywords or search phrases already have specific search enquiry or purchase intent.

6. What about Remarketing – what is it?
Enables you to advertise to people who have already visited your site before. As they continue to browse the web, your ad will appear ensuring you stay top of their mind. You will only pay when someone actually clicks on your advert. This is a great way of building brand awareness and ensuring your website is remembered by visitors.

Overall – Google Adwords is a cost-effective method of immediately bringing targeted traffic to your website. Contact our Tauranga Google AdWords specialists today on 07 574 9018 or email info@designjuice.co.nz for more information.