When someone searches for something online, Google will attempt to display the most relevant, trusted, and informative pages at the top if its organic search results. SEO refers to the process of making sure that you’re one of the first of these results.

Our SEO Process:

  1. Research
    We analyse your website and current SEO performance, as well as competitors, creating a list of keywords that will get you the most results, and developing an effective strategy.
  2. Set Up
    If you’re starting from scratch, we’ll set up you up with Google Webmaster tools, and a Google Plus profile. If you’re already established, we’ll optimise your existing content, update meta tags and the internal linking structure.
  3. Monthly Management
    We will continue to optimise your existing content, create new content, monitor performance, and provide you with customised Google Analytics reporting, for as long as you’d like (we recommend at least three months). 
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