Good advertising is good for business. Sure, you need a good product too, but a good advertising agency will help businesses grow.

Successful advertising takes people on a journey. It creates positive memories and feelings over time to encourage us to buy something. The best advertising agencies understand how to leave positive impressions that are compelling and engaging.

But it’s not easy. It takes skill, experience, a little alchemy even. And there are different agencies with different strengths to suit different business’s needs.

A public relations firm focuses on generating publicity and providing other communications services (annual reports, collateral and so on). A good agency will have good connections to the news media and advice on what represents a real publicity opportunity.

Graphic design companies help with the logos, colours and other visuals that underpin most marketing campaigns.

A digital or web agency will build websites and manage other online channels.

The traditional ad agency is the powerhouse in the marketing world, usually providing everything from creative communications ideas, branding and graphic design through to outputs like advertising campaigns and product brochures and vehicle signage.

The first step in selecting an agency that will help your business grow is being clear about why you’re engaging them. The clearer the idea about what you want to achieve, the more they’ll be able to help and the more value they’ll bring to your business.

Find a team that you get on with, and that you trust, and you are off to a good start.

Contact our team at Design Juice, a Tauranga based advertising agency to talk about the full range of marketing, design and digital services we provide and how we can help your business grow.