It’s the fourth year in a row that popular chocolate maker Whittaker’s has tasted success as New Zealand’s most trusted brand.

The recently released annual Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands survey ranked New Zealand’s top 10 trusted brands, 40 category winners and the top five most trusted charities. And out of all those names, products and services that fight for New Zealanders’ attention, Whittakers is the one we believe in above all others.
So what’s their secret?

The 1200 New Zealanders who responded to the survey were asked what makes a brand trustworthy. Results showed people backed brands that provided premium quality at an affordable price, made life easier, had integrity, stood out from the competition and created a strong emotional connection with the consumer.

Whittaker’s marketing manager Holly Whittaker said she believed Kiwis appreciated the company’s commitment to never compromise on quality. Whittaker also said they had increasingly engaged directly with customers through social media which was encouraging meaningful interactions between their customers and the brand.

Reader’s Digest Australasian editor-in-chief Sue Carney said that many purchases were made with the heart. “Even in this digital age, it’s the brands which continue to offer quality and substance that hold our trust,” Carney said.

Carney also referred to the role modern information sharing played in determining the successful brands, with many people preferring the testimonials of their fellow consumers voiced through social media.

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