What is it that makes a brand evoke a desire so powerful, so compelling that we find it irresistible?

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Irresistible brands reliably deliver quality products or services. By consistently demonstrating that they fulfil our expectations and deliver results, they gain our trust in the brand so we build a relationship with it. We make time for the things and people we’ve invested in so irresistible brands ensure what they deliver is always high quality and beneficial to their consumer. And, by ensuring consistency across the presentation and delivery of the brand, it feeds our belief that the brand is trustworthy.


Irresistible brands have chemistry. They excite us and ignite something that taps into our subconscious, beyond the rational. Our unconscious brain operates automatically and has an immediate, intuitive response to things, enticing us to things through our senses. So irresistible brands are recognisable, but with a point of difference that matters to us and permeates every level of the brand. They use symbolism to make an emotional connection with us – from the colour and shape of a logo to the packaging and type-face. Even branding you seen on printed fence mesh can display this kind of emotion.

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They earn our attention, and keep earning it

Irresistible brands stay interesting to their consumers. They encourage us to keep developing our relationship with the brand, to spend more time with them and become their greatest fan. To be irresistible, a brand needs continual development and refreshment, whether it’s through new products and services or new ways of talking about the brand.

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