Form and function don’t have to fight. In fact, when they are made to complement each other, the results can be outstanding and that’s what good web design is all about – a marriage of the two.

Every website serves a slightly different purpose but overall their functions are usually to communicate information, deliver advertising or generate leads and to sell products. But pure function without form would be boring – the site may work but it certainly won’t inspire.

A purely functional site may even detract from its purpose. As most marketers know, our purchasing decisions are based primarily on our attractiveness bias; which means that us human beings are well known for perceiving a product as less effective simply because it lacks aesthetic appeal.

On the other hand, even if the form or aesthetic beauty of the web design is impressive, if its function is limited, what’s the point? Both the user and your client will be at best, dissatisfied.

Instead, there needs to be a clear and balanced relationship between form and function. Experienced web designers understand this balance. Their design process involves understanding what success looks like for each different website project and putting the user at the centre of its development.

Web design that follows a marriage of form and function creates websites that are irresistible to users; fast, intuitive and convenient to use, appealing to look at and spend time with, and they make users want to come back and back.

So if you’re looking for fresh, exceptionally crafted design that achieves that beautiful balance between form and function, contact our Tauranga web design team. We’re located in Mount Maunganui and we’d love to talk to you.