Some stories are best told through film.
The versatile nature of video makes it such an easily digested and shareable form of advertising. In a world so driven by technology video is one of the best ways to showcase your businesses personality and create a sense of connection with the viewer. Let them in on what happens behind the scenes, show them something about your philosophy, or simply raise awareness of a product or event. 
Our team of creatives are experts in producing top quality video work tailored to your specific goals. Short snappy social media clips or longer production pieces suited for TV commercials – we’ve created it all at Design Juice! Our team can plan, film and edit, adding voiceovers or music where necessary. Let’s give your audience a glimpse of what you, your business or your clients are doing and bring your story to life through video!
Here are a few examples of successful social media videos, TV commercials and promotional videos that we have created for our clients:
– tui videos 
– fire security services videos recruitment.
– Equifibre promotional video
– chunky video
– 14 days growing video
– community days video.