A well thought out vehicle signage design has the potential to boost your business and promote brand awareness. So how do you convert your ideas into effective vehicle signage for a mobile outdoor environment and get the maximum impact for your advertising dollar?

Great Branding

Your brand should always be the primary message for a vehicle wrap, particularly if you’re a small business trying to make an impact. A well designed, consistently presented brand identity and logo on your vehicle is a huge, head turning, marketing opportunity. You only have a few seconds while a potential client drives past and great branding will quickly connect you with your business name and get your message across.

Minimise the Writing

There are only 3 or 4 things a good wrap needs: your brand or logo, and perhaps tagline messaging, a web address, and possibly a phone number. That’s it. If you keep the messaging simple, it will be more effective.

Avoid Clutter

Don’t be tempted by too many fills, noisy backgrounds, photos, bevels, and glows. The world of vehicle signage design is full of visual noise. Bright graphics are great and exciting – when they’re part of a clean unified brand design that we can read and remember. Avoid clutter and you’ll stand out.

Bold is Beautiful

The viewer generally won’t have time to stop and absorb the advertising on a vehicle wrap so this isn’t the place for fine print. You don’t want potential customers to have to work too hard to figure out your brand. What is the one key message you want your signage to convey? Ensure it’s clear, legible at a distance and easy to understand.

At Design Juice, our signage team is skilled in designing high impact, effective vehicle signage Tauranga-wide. We can help with everything from powerful branding design to quality control during implementation. Let us help boost your visibility.