Product packaging design is powerful because it’s an opportunity to give your brand visibility and tell consumers why your product is different.

Your packaging is often the first experience a consumer will have with your product. An appealing seductive design may make the difference between them choosing your product or not.

Package design is one of the cornerstones of a successful brand. When it’s well designed it makes your product desirable, easily recognisable for existing customers and helps it to stand out to potential new consumers. Your brand’s story or ‘personality’ can be conveyed through the clever use of different shapes, colour schemes, fonts, materials and textures.

The original purpose of product packaging is functional – to protect the product from damage during transit or while it sits on retail shelves, and to allow for easy storage and distribution.

But your packaging also plays an important role in providing the consumer with information about the product. It might contain directions on how to use the product, lists of the ingredients it contains and nutritional information about the product.

And thirdly, packaging is the perfect opportunity to make your product irresistible to buy. Now! Invest in your packaging design to create something that will set you apart from your competitors, convey your brand and what it stands for and help make it memorable. If you want people to know that your product is top quality or environmentally friendly then your packaging needs to reflect this.

Get in touch with an experienced design and marketing team like our staff at Design Juice. We’ll help you build on your irresistible brand and really bring it to life with some seductive product packaging.