Great products can promote themselves but even the best advertising can’t magically turn a poor product or service into a great one.

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It really doesn’t matter how much you spend on advertising, if your products or services aren’t up to speed then no amount of advertising will help – you will never be as successful as you could be.

80% of building a popular brand is about building a raving audience and that starts with creating a great product – or service – and passionately believing in it. End of story.

Sure, if you’ve already built up a solid customer base you might hang onto some of your market share purely because of consumer apathy. But if your standards decline, you’re just encouraging your customers to call someone else. And that will eventually reflect on your bottom line.

No business is perfect, which is why you constantly need to be looking for ways to improve, be innovative, to surprise. Create something of value. Blow people away with your product. Then you can worry about sharing it with other people.

Design, branding, and advertising absolutely matter, but only when you make the real core of your business as good as it can possibly be. There’s no doubt, once you’ve created something epic, you need to make sure other people find out about it and great advertising can push your business to the next level. But without a great product, the best brand and design in the world won’t make any difference at all.

Focus on the quality of your service or product before you spend time and money telling people about it by way of advertising. You’ll be far better off in the long run.

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